The training of the MBC consists of two parts: the training  ‘Generate Your Business Idea’ and the training ‘Start Your Business’.

Training ‘ Generate Your Business Idea ‘

Thumb-GybA good business starts with a good business idea. Before a participant can start a business, he must have a clear view of the type of busieness he wants to run. A business idea is a brief and precise description of the basic function of an intended business.

Their business idea will tell them:

Which product or service to sell.

Who the customers will be.

How the business is going to sell its products or services.

In what customer needs the business will provide.

In the training ‘ Generate Your Business Idea ‘ the participants will:

Do an assessment: are you capable of running a business?

To screen their skills and experiences

Discussion of different types of businesses: retail, wholesale, manufacturing, service, agriculture/forestry/fishing

To practice structured brainstorming

Visiting the local business community

Explore their environment:

  • Looking at resources from nature
  • Looking at people’s abilities and skills
  • Institutions
  • Industries
  • Replacement of import
  • Publications
  • Fairs and exhibitions
Use their own and other people’s experiences

Create a  list of ‘Idea List ‘

Doing Field Research

Doing a SWOT analysis of their business ideas

Analyse the best three business ideas separately

If you are motivated for starting a business and positive about your generated business idea (s), you can sign up for the Start Your Business training.

The training ‘ Start Your business ‘

Thumb-SybIf the participants want to know how to establish a successful business, if they want to set-up their own business and/or if they have followed the ‘Generate Your Business Idea’ training, then the ‘Start Your Business’ training meets the need:

What is the need: the basics of a business.

Marketing: How and Where to sell your products or services.

The Process Order: everything that needs to be done in the business – from raw materials to product – to satisfy the customer.

The Financial flow in the business: income and expenses.

The Capital: what do you need to start the business.

Corporate responsibility and a legal form for the busienss.

any ‘ Start your own business ‘ is aimed at:

The basics of a business.

Marketing: How to sell the product or service?

  • Quality of the product or service
  • Know your customers
  • Know your competitors
  • Know the size of the market
  • Promotion and advertising
The Process Flow: everything that needs to be done in the busienss – from raw materials to product – to satisfy the customer.

  • Improving the product: how to make a better product
  • The space and resources the business needs
  • Create an action plan including time planning and risk analysis
  • Calculate the start-up costs
The financial flow in the business:

  • Calculate the revenue
  • Calculate operating costs: fixed and variable costs
  • Calculate profit
  • Calculate the needed investment and replacement
  • Calculate start-up costs: set-up costs and initial operating costs
  • Calculate Financial flow in the business
  • Calculate Cash Flow
  • Calculate Break-even point