MBC and Dorcas have as a common goal find opportunities to enable and stimulate the poor and vulnerable groups in Egypt to set-up their own micro-businesses.. This will help them to better meet their daily necessities and to improve the overall living situation. Wherever possible, these micro-businesses can grow into larger businesses or livelihood centers, which can provide jobs for other people.

The MBC Foundation has in mind to use their training methods and materials to enable local partners to apply this approach in their own workfield.

Training of Trainers

The Training of Trainers (ToT) has started in Cairo. A team of Egyptians – the staff of a local partner of Dorcas International – have been acquainted with the training material and the method of MBC, to be able to use the ‘Generate your Business Idea’ training (GYB) for the people they are working with.  The training of the staff was continued with a training in the field, in the middle of Egypt: Minya.

Two  trainers of MBC, Peter and Bert, went with the local team to Minya to further support the training of about 25 mothers. More of them are illiterate, but the local trainers are very well able to respond to them.

The participants were particularly interested and showed interest in participating in the second part of the training: the ‘ Start your Business ‘ training (SYB). This will be continued March 2019 in Cairo, with direct subsequent SYB training in the field.