Shirly is the owner of a junkshop. People who collect usable materials form the garbage, can deliver that to her. The old plastic bottles, the carton board, glass, plastic, metal, etc. will be sold by shirly to the recycling factories. She does not have a workshop for this. She collects the materials in an old truck. The garbage scavengers stand in line at her truck to hand in their collected junk in exchange for some pesos. When the truck is full she has to go to the recycling factory. They people wait for her to return. Shirly wants to expand her business.

With the help of the MBC Shirly developed a Business Plan to make possible the purchase of a second truck. With a loan from the micro finance organization CCT, a partner of MBC, she was able to acquire a second-hand truck. She also attended a CCT Saving Group. With now two trucks in the business, there is way more throughput: While the one truck is delivering recyclables to the factory, the other is used as depot for the garbage collectors to hand in their goods. When the first truck returns from the factory, the roles are reversed, thus expanding the business. She also plans to rent out the truck as a Moving Van in order to generate more income.