The Training was held at Mom Center, Block 46, Phase II, Southville 8, Barangay San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal. We had 26 participants coming from different areas in San Isidro Rodriguez Rizal. Three (3) Income Generating staffs and the Income Generating Officer of Good Neighbors Int. Phil. also joined because this is the first Generate Your Business Idea Training conducted in their organization. Majority of the participants are member of GN Southville Community Development Council (CDC) while, others are representatives from different peoples group in the area.
Some of the participants already have existing businesses. Some already have their business ideas that they want to start with but at the end of the training, they decided to change it. In general, they all have realized that there still many things need to be considered when generating a business idea that you want to start up. They’ve been able to finish the 2 days training.

The team was accompanied for two days and two nights by Mr. Mark Alviar because he was the development worker assigned in the area. The transportation expenses and food of the team was accommodated by Good Neighbors Int. Phil.

The participants showed an interest to pursue the Start Your Business Training. Good Neighbors commend the willingness and motivation of the people therefore; they decided to schedule it by late September or early October. No exact date, time, and place mentioned.

Below are the lists of business ideas generated by the participants:
1. Liezl Orozco- making and selling Peanut Butter
2. Carmelita “Carmie” Arlos- Lugaw o Gotohan
3. Julie Ann Antonio- Parlor
4. Annaliza “Anna” Cerbito- Bigasan
5. Norma Piedad- Tailoring/ Dressmaking
6. Roselia “Roselle” Manacpo- Buy and Sell ng damit
7. Mercedes “Mercy” Magallanes- Paggawa ng basahang bilog
8. Norris Piedad- Salon and Spa
9. Elizabeth “Bing” Frac- Bigasan / Frozen food / Palaman
10. Esterlita “Ester” Pasia- Bigasan
11. Marilyn Liwa- Rags / Doormat making / retaso
12. Ligaya Tapel- Variety Store
13. Cindy Tumapon- Carinderia / Mamihan
14. Marisel “Mase” Canini- (BACORP) Bayad Center
15. Jeanice Moldes- Slipper Strap Design
16. Shirly Villaflor- Bake Shop
17. Christina “Tina” Diesta- General Merchandise
18. Evelyn Abayon- Home Service Massage
19. Realyn Lustre- Handicraft
20. Emelinda Yunapa- Manufacturing
21. Jezil- Machine Shop
22. Marife “Fe” Gagarin- lending
23. Wilma Molobocco- General Merchandise