Report of the Generate your Business Idea Training in CCT Angeles

On August 9 and 10, 2016, MBC trainers reported for work in CCT Angeles City, Pampanga at Fresh Hope Building, New York St. Villasol Subdivision. It was a rainy Tuesday for the students to attend the GYB Training, nevertheless 19 participants came from different areas of Angeles City has kept up to finish the 2-day seminar.

CCT Angeles Staff who hosted and accommodated the training together with a direct assistance of Ms. Rachelle Pawang, CCT Head Office Training Coordinator, are very supportive to the students and to MBC facilitators who experienced hospitality which create a spirit like home.

Participants were so engaged in every session and activity. One of the outputs of the GYB Training (Generate Your Business) is discovering the most suitable business idea for each person. This was drawn out from every individual in consideration of his capabilities, resources and the market in the local area. Many business ideas were in the mind of the students, however, everyone is challenged in the activity set in the workbook program to come up with the top 3 business ideas until it trims down to top 1 best idea they got for business.
In the context of the business experience among the participants, most of them do have existing businesses. Moreover, their knowledge and practice to business has shown an impression that they already are prepared for business.

The first batch of GYB training for CCT happened to be this group of people in Angeles. With the enthusiasm and motivation in the result of the GYB training, this seems to show an interest to pursue with the SYB 5-day training (Start Your Business). This indication is positively acknowledged by CCT Staff.
In a constant move to provide business training for micro entrepreneurs, God has created a divine connection to both Center for Community Transformation (CCT) and the MBC, in the persons of Ma’am Alice Pineda, an Executive Director of Training & Development Institute and Mr. Bronno Mulder, Project Coordinator, respectively to arm each other with this endeavor of helping people to impart information knowledge and empower new and existing entrepreneurs into business awareness to provide job for their family and to their community matched with a holistic approach of micro finance and savings group of CCT for new and upcoming business minded people.