The first batch of Coaches’ training took off for CCT GenSan with 10 coaches who actively participated in the 2-day meeting on May 6 and 7, 2016. Some of the participants are Regional Board Members and Officers of CCT GenSan & Davao.

The participants already experienced some of the SYB training exercises on the first day of the training, so they have an idea of what the entrepreneur went through in the SYB training.  This also gave the coaches some insight on how to prepare for the coaching sessions and how to respond to the needs of the micro entrepreneurs.

On the second day of training, MBC explained to the coaches the tasks that are expected of them. The coaches responded well, and embraced the idea of the MBC & CCT partnership. They considered is as valuable that MBC and CCT have a joint responsibility in their ministry to those in need.

Coach-Entrepreneur matching

The MBC arranged for the coaches to meet the entrepreneurs they will be coaching from now on. They had time to discuss the entrepreneurs’ business plans and they had time to get to know the personal background and history of each businessman/-woman.

It was a great turn out for coaches and entrepreneurs to have the first meet up and it was very well appreciated and welcomed by both parties.  We believe for more micro enterprises to be growing businesses through the help of these coaches!