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  • 1 Person
  • ‘Generate Your Business Idea’ training
  • ‘Start Your Business’ training
  • Business plan Evaluation
  • Business-Ready Plan
  • Introduction Savings and Loans

About this package…

You give someone a complete MBC Training gift, from start to finish. An interested candidate is enabled by you to follow the ‘ Generate Your Business Idea’ training to develop a useful business idea. Then he/she participates in the ‘Start Your Business’ training in which he/she converts the idea into a useful concept-business plan. The final step in this sponsorship package is that the MBC in some follow-up interviews with the future entrepreneur improves the business plan to a solid plan with a great chance of success! Finally, suggestions for saving and borrowing are given.


  • 1 Person
  • ‘Generate Your Business Idea’ training
  • ‘Start Your Business’ training
  • Business Plan Evaluation
  • Business Plan Ready
  • Startup Capital for the Business * *

About this package…

As with the “Business Plan” package, you help someone through the training program and make sure that their business plan is ready for the start of the business. In this package ‘Into Business’, you also give a starting capital as donation or loan for the starting entrepreneur.

* * Please note: The loan you give is at your own risk. It is an interest-less refund after 6 to 12 months. You also can choose to reinvest in another business, or that the MBC can decide to use it where needed. If the entrepreneur cannot repay the loan, the MBC is not liable.


  • 36 Persons
  • 36x ‘Generate your Business Idea’ training
  • 20 people ‘Start Your Business’ training
  • 10 Business Plans Evaluatie
  • 3 Coaches
  • Seed Capital for 7 to 8 Businesses

About this package…

With your donation for the ‘ Community Impact ‘ package you can transform a whole community. Up to 36 people will be offered the ‘Generate Your Business Idea’ training. A number of people fall after this training. The survivors group follows the ‘Start Your Business’ training. For the group that continues, the Business Plans are evaluated and refined. Ten (10) participants get the possibility to start their business by receiving a Startup Capital, a short-term loan. A business coach supports them to get through the first crucial months. An irreversible impact in a local community: concrete steps out of poverty by bringing people pro-active in their own circumstances!

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Rebuild after a Typhoon

  • Choose the amount of your contribution
  • Cost total project €1500
  • 30 participants
  • ‘Start your Business’ Training
  • MBC business training & coaching for the community to set-up a new livelihood after a typhoon