When the Business Plan is ready and they have the available capital, the entrepreneur can start their new business. The actual starting and running of a business is hard work. The local MBC partner supports the entrepreneur during this time. The MBC has two coaching approaches: 2-weekly coaching in small groups and Quarterly Seminars.

Personal Coaching

thumb-coachPart of the MBC training & coaching service is that the MBC trains a group of people with business experience to coach the new businesses. After the coaches training they will be appointed as a personal coach to an entrepreneur or to a small group of entrepreneurs.

He/she will help the entrepreneurs to implement the Business Plans and to manage the businesses well. Through the regular meetings, the coach will support them to optimize the production or services, to develop their business skills, to plan well and to solve their business problems. In the first 6 months of starting up the businesses, the coach will try to meet with the entrepreneurs every two weeks, to discuss the challenges and problems of their businesses, but also reflecting on their successes.

After 6 months the coaching will be less intense; he will try to meet them every month from now on. Together they will discuss their entrepreneurial successes. He will look at their book keeping activities, the financial health of the businesses and shares suggestions for improving the businesses. After a period of 2 years of coaching, the entrepreneurs will have enough knowledge and experience to continue the business on their own.

If you are a business (wo)man and want to support our ministry by coaching one or more starting entrepreneurs that went through the MBC program, please let us know here.

Quarterly Seminars

The MBC believes it to be of great importance for the new entrepreneur to keep on learning business skills and get input from others. We challenge them to be a ‘Life-long learner’. Peer group consultation is another great tool for learning.

Seminar outline and topics

Walk-in, coffee/refreshment.

Opening and Welcome

Keynote speaker on the seminar’s theme.

Application and discussion on the lecture

How do you deal with this topic in your business?
What did you learn?
What was good reminder?
What will you do different in your business because of this presentation?

Good practice example

Success stories from an MBC alumni

Lunch & networking

Questions and Answers for the speaker

Peer group consultation

Share successes and challenges of your business, learn from others.

Closing session

Looking back on the seminar, short preview of next Seminar.

Market: participants can show and sell their products
Accounting (book keeping)




Expanding your business



Biblical entrepreneurship

Consumer behavior

Product/service innovation

Business Law

Developing skills (TESDA courses, etc.)

To facilitate this, the local partner can invite the entrepreneurs to Business Seminars. Every quarter they will meet their fellow alumni students and be taught on a business related topic. This is combined with a peer to peer consultations about successes and challenges in their businesses. An entrepreneurship topic will be presented for each of them to consider in the business. On the right side you will find more information.

Practical courses

For special skills, MBC can advise the coaches of the local organizations to support the entrepreneurs in their profession to create products or services of high quality. If the businesses have good results, MBC can look into possibilities to support them to expand the businesses through additional training’s, so that the business can grow and create jobs for other people.