Training for Micro Business in Egypt

MBC and Dorcas have as a common goal find opportunities to enable and stimulate the poor and vulnerable groups in Egypt to set-up their own micro-businesses.. This will help them to better meet their daily necessities and to improve the overall living situation. Wherever possible, these micro-businesses can grow into larger businesses or livelihood [...]

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GYB Southville

The 'GENERATE YOUR BUSINESS IDEA TRAINING' GN- SOUTHVILLE, RODRIGUEZ RIZAL (AUGUST 18-19, 2016) The Training was held at Mom Center, Block 46, Phase II, Southville 8, Barangay San Isidro, Rodriguez, Rizal. We had 26 participants coming from different areas in San Isidro Rodriguez Rizal. Three (3) Income Generating staffs and the Income Generating Officer of [...]

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Mindoro Banana Company

In the hills of (Occidental) Mindoro, an island a few hours’ traveling away from the capital Manila, live tribes with the collective name “Mangyan”. One of these tribes is called the Tawbuid tribe. In this tribe lives Timyo, a 41 year old farmer. His village in the hills near Safa is only reachable by [...]

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Gen San Coaches Training

The first batch of Coaches’ training took off for CCT GenSan with 10 coaches who actively participated in the 2-day meeting on May 6 and 7, 2016. Some of the participants are Regional Board Members and Officers of CCT GenSan & Davao. The participants already experienced some of the SYB training exercises on the [...]