Biliran after Typhoon

It is now 1 week ago that we flew by plane to Samar, city Tagloban and from there by bus to Biliran. It is a place situated at the foot of the mountain, directly by the beautiful ocean. During the ride I enjoyed the beautiful country, but in addition it is an island that [...]

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The effort of a young mother

Mae Sheil is a young mother, married to a struggling church planting pastor in Bogo, Cebu, Philippines where typhoon Yolanda devastated their region two years ago. The unemployment rate is extremely high in the aftermath of the typhoon and she and her husband are struggling to make ends meet while he starts out in the [...]

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One business woman, many companies

Ate Susan started doing business when she separated from her husband in the year 1997. The responsibility of taking care of her kids and sending them to school solely became hers. That is when she started putting up small businesses to meet her family’s needs. She started with buying and selling of 1.5 liter [...]

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