During the Start Your Business Training they will make the First Draft of a Business Plan. This is the documents that states the goal and objectives of their business. They will copy the answers of the exercises to the Business Plan. After filling in the Business Plan, it is handed in for review and correction at the MBC. The MBC will have a feedback session with the entrepreneurs to talk through the whole Business Plan. After the corrections are made the Business Plan is finished. This Final Business Plan can then be used as an investment proposal by applying for a loan with one of the (Micro Finance) Partners.

Step 1 - Training

Prepare the First Draft Business Plan during the Start Your Business Training

Start Your Training

In the ‘Start Your Business’ Training, they will do 39 exercises. They will copy the answers of these exercises to a ‘Business Plan’. At the end of the training they will have finished the ‘First Draft’ of their Business Plan.

Step 2 - Review

A coaching session with the MBC will make their Business Plan ready for use.

Review Business Plan

After they hand in the Business Plan, MBC will check it and will give feedback in a coaching sessions. After the implemented improvements the Business Plan is ready. With it, they can apply for a loan.

Step 3 - Start!

Get capital (Loan, Saving Group, Personal Savings). And start the business

Start Your Business

With the final Business Plan they can apply for a loan at a micro-finance organization, donors or a revolving fund.  Other source of capital are joining a Saving Group, their own savings or family’s finances/savings.