Ate Susan started doing business when she separated from her husband in the year 1997. The responsibility of taking care of her kids and sending them to school solely became hers. That is when she started putting up small businesses to meet her family’s needs. She started with buying and selling of 1.5 liter bottles of coke. After that she partnered in a Videoke & Play-station rental. She added a fruit stand in her place. It was in 2006 when she joined the Center for Community Transformation and added even more business initiatives. She started a small canteen and a ‘Pisonet’ computer shop (computer rental in vendor machine style). She was able to get a loan and it helped her sustaining her small businesses, which in turn helped a lot in sending her kids to school.

Although she had been doing business for a while now, she admits that she still needed to learn more about how to run a business properly and make it profitable. So, last year (2015), she joined the Start Your Business Training of MBC where she learned how to properly manage her business finances. She even signed up for the MBC’s coaching program. At present time, she is being followed-up by one of MBC’s volunteer business coaches, in order to make her many business initiatives thrive, so she can keep providing for her family!